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5 signs of ear infection in children


Ear infection is caused by bacterial or viral infection in the middle ear - the section of the ear behind the eardrum. A very painful condition, it sometimes goes unnoticed in children, as they are unable to communicate the severity of the pain they are going through and where exactly the pain is. All they do or rather can do is cry. Hence it is crucial for parents to keep a checklist of symptoms for such conditions, so that they can consult a Paediatrician and seek medical help to stop the problem from aggravating.

Here are 5 signs to detect ear infection in children

Irritability and refusing to sleep.

If your child is unusually cranky and keeps crying, it can be a possible indication of ear infection. Refusing to sleep and crying uncontrollably when put to sleep flat on the back are also strong indicators.

Refusing to eat

Loss of appetite is a major sign, as a child with ear infection can hardly eat due to the pain while chewing food and also general discomfort.

Pulling their ears

Infants, as they cannot talk, might express their discomfort in many ways. They might pull their ears to show that it is paining, especially during feeding as swallowing/ sucking creates more pressure in the ear.

Pus-like discharge

If you notice any kind of discharge, pus-like (white/ yellow) or blood-tinged, coming out of the ear, seek immediate medical attention.


Fever is a sign that one’s body is fighting an infection. If the above symptoms are accompanied by high-temperature, it is very likely that the child is indeed suffering from an ear infection.

Remember, chronic ear infection can recur and frequent ear infections can even lead to hearing loss. Hence it is always advisable to consult a paediatrician immediately, however mild the symptoms may be.