Psychiatry hospital in Kerala, India


The human brain is an incredible and extremely complex organ. It controls one’s mind and body, including the senses (hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste), thoughts, actions, emotions, speech, muscles, blood vessels and organs. Put simply, our brain is what controls us, entirely.

So what happens when there is a problem in the functioning of one’s brain? Understandably, there will be problems in the way it processes information, resulting in abnormal mood, behaviour, perception and action. And such a condition, like any other illness, can be treated and managed efficiently. However, even in this day and age, the heavy stigma that’s attached to mental health is the biggest deterrent to the healing process. Unfortunately, people with mental illness are looked down upon, leading to prejudice and discrimination. They are treated like a ‘problem’ by the people around them, resulting in poor social support, denial of opportunities, ostracization, diminished self-esteem, self-hatred and extremely poor quality of life.

This affects the treatment outcome adversely and the person might not be able to recover efficiently. In some cases, the consequences of the stigma are also correlated to increased social isolation, lower performance standards at work/ studies and the worst-case scenario – suicide. What’s even more shocking is that even the highly educated hold incorrect beliefs and perceptions about mentally illnesses and many of them have someone in their family or friend circle with a mental health issue.

The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences at Aster Medcity offers specialized, evidence-based preventive and therapeutic treatment for management of mental illnesses and behavioural problems in both adults and children. The team of doctors here comprises highly trained Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Special Educators and supporting staff who provide early and effective treatment for all psychiatric problems, without fear, discrimination or stigma. With a deep understanding of the brain - its functions, development, chemistry, regulation, dysfunctions, vulnerabilities and resilience; they provide holistic, guide-lined based treatment to patients, with a multidisciplinary approach.

The department also offers speciality services including:

  • Anger and Depression Clinic on all Wednesdays
  • Aster Child Guide Guidance Clinic (In association with Aster Centre of Excellence in Child & Adolescent Health) on all Fridays
  • Aster Sports Performance Clinic (In association with the Aster Centre for Sports Medicine)

Aster Psychiatry Helpline Call +91 8111 998238 for all psychiatric emergencies/ queries related to mental health.


Dr. T R John


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A Psychiatrist with more than 22 years of experience, Dr. T R John is an expert in management of behavioral and mental disorders in both adults and children. His areas of special interest include management of mood disorders, suicide prevention in people with high stress levels, women’s mental health, wellness psychiatry and psychiatric aspects of organ transplantation. Dr. T R John is also the Chief of Medical Services of Aster Medcity, Kochi.


DNB in Psychiatry (National Board of Examinations) | MD in Psychiatry (Armed Forces Medical College) | MBBS (Armed Forces Medical College)


Expertise in stress management and implementing suicide prevention programmes in people high levels of stress.

Worked at various Hospitals of the Indian Armed Forces across India

Worked Associate Professor at the MOSC Medical College, Kolenchery

Postgraduate teacher in Psychiatry (Armed Forces as well as Kerala)

Executive committee member of IMA Kochi and Ernakulam Psychiatric Society

Published several research articles

Proficient in Malayalam, English and Hindi


Dr. Namitha M Das

Senior Specialist


A Psychiatrist trained in management of mental disorders in patients of all ages; Dr. Namitha’s areas of special interest include suicide prevention, de-addiction and management of neurodevelopmental disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.


MD in Psychiatry (Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram) | MBBS (Pariyaram Medical College)


Trained in general, child & adolescent and geriatric psychiatry

Proficient in English, Malayalam & Hindi